Yoga, gym, group classes, ball sports,
climbing at all Fysiken's facilities . 

Student direct debit: 290 kr/month
Student 12 months: 3 480 kr

Reg. price direct debit: 417 kr/month
Reg. price 12 months: 4 999 kr


Yoga, gym and group classes

Student direct debit: 220kr/month
Student 12 months: 2 640 kr

Reg. price direct debit: 299kr/months
Reg. price 12 months: 3 588 kr


SINGLE Kaserntorget/Gibraltargatan

Yoga, gym, group classes and ball sports
at Fysiken Kaserntorget or Fysiken Gibraltargatan. 

Student direct debit: 255kr/month
Student 12 months: 3 060 kr

Reg. price direct debit: 380kr/month
Reg. price 12 months: 4 560 kr

10 times card multi

The 10 time card can be used for all activities
at Fysiken Kaserntorget, Fysiken Gibraltargatan,
Fysiken Lindholmen and Fysiken Klätterlabbet.
Valid for 6 months. (CrossFit not included)

Student: 1 500 kr
Reg.price: 1 500 kr


Member of GU or Chalmers Student union?
Pay no membership fee when joining (200kr Value). 
10-time cards and 1 month cards are not included in this offer. 

Student: 200 kr 
Reg.price: 200 kr
Note: 50 kr card deposit required