Welcome to ElitRehab - Physiotherapy at Fysiken Gibraltargatan and Kaserntorget. ElitRehab is a team of qualified and highly educated physiotherapists specialising in sports medicine and training. 

About ElitRehab

Elitrehab consists of physiotherapists who specialise in sports medicine, orthopaedic injuries and exercise.

We work with injury prevention and performance rehabilitation, training and education. Through motion analysis and performance assessment we diagnose what causes you to suffer from repeated injuries or pain during workouts.

In addition to rehabilitation, you can train in groups and take part in interesting courses and events. You are welcome as athletes or exercisers regardless of age or level. Our goal is to help you move better with better sport-specific technique leading to fewer injuries.

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Treatments are carried out under cooperation agreements with the Västra Götaland region.
Price per treatment according to agreement with Västra Götaland region is 100 kr


Book a time

Call reception to book your appointment. 

Fysiken Gibraltargatan 031-10 69 30
Fysiken Kaserntorget 031-10 69 50

For specific questions about treatment please email

Fysiken Gibraltargatan

Fysiken Kaserntorget

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