With the individual in focus, I deliver training that strengthens you both
physically and mentally.The ultimate goal is freedom with health and a
physical ability that let you live your life without limitations. In training,
this involves versatile exercise to create strength, mobility and athleticism.
Want to learn basic or advanced body weight exercises from muscle ups to handstand?
Then I am the coach for you! 

INcluded in my Personal training

- Personalized training program
- Movement-screening
- Wellness coaching (diet, sleep & stress)
- Goal planning and follow up


- CrossFit
- Gymnastik
- Kettlebells


  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  CrossFit Level 1/Gymnastics Coach
  Eleiko Strength Coach Level 1
  5 years in military
  Handstand and balance nerd


Lets book a time! Contact me by phone or email. 
0730-74 12 46

Is this your first time?

I offer free consultations! Send me an email where you outline what you would like assistance with.
Please give me suggestions of a time that suits you and I will get back to you shortly!