I want to help you find a sustainable lifestyle where exercise is a part of everyday
life and personalised according to your goals and needs. Training should be challenging,
fun and above all, smart! Whether the goal of your training is performance-oriented
or health and wellness. It is important to exercise properly according to your body,
your needs, with adaptation to level of effort, progression, variation and
positive thoughts in your head.

my personal training INCLUDES

- Testing and scanning of your body
- Personalised training program 
- Diet advice
- Weekly follow ups 


- Strength-training 
- Movement and stability


  Bachelors degree Food and meal knowledge 
  Licensed Personal Trainer
  Licensed Nutritional advisor
  Sports nutrition, Sports Club Education
  Group trainings instructor


Lets book a time! Contact me by phone or email. 
0764 -16 75 38

Is this your first time?

I offer free consultations! Send me an email where you outline what you would like assistance with.
Please give me suggestions of a time that suits you and I will get back to you shortly!