Birthday party

Note that this service is available at Klätterlabbet Partille and Sisjön only.

Do your kids love to climb and run around? Most do! Let us help you arrange a truly memorable experience for your child and his/her friends. Educated instructors
are on site to secure, motivate and encourage. We will help you make your child's next birthday party a memorable experience. Contact us and book! 


After climbing, we bring out sausages with bread and juice for the children. They also get a popsicle
or a bag of candy. Coffee and tea are of course included for the parents who organize the party.
Our climbing parties are a popular arrangement so we recommend you to book in time

The climbing parties include following:

- About 1h climbing with instructor
- Sausage with bread and juice
- Popsicle or candy

OTHER information

- Maximum 20 children per party.
- We recommend that the children are 6 years old or older for them to get the most out of the party.
- Suitable clothing is t-shirt or a top and a pair of long trousers.
- Equipment included (harness and climbing shoes)
- The price is 250 kr/child
- If canceled later than one week (7 days) before the entire amount is charged.
- The number of participants specified one week (7 days) before the course is the number that will be charged.




1 h

250 kr/child

All equipment is included.

Book by e-mail or phone, see contact information here